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Electronic Logbooks

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Defect Tracking

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Inventory and Reliability

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Defect tracking, inventory and regulatory compliance, including: Sub-chapter M, SIP, TSMA2, USC6, ISM and RCP.


Become cost competitive. Track aircraft times. Use electronic logbooks. Manage inventory, manuals, configuration and reliability.


Electronic blue cards, forms and reports. Manage in and out service times. Checklists. Defect Tracking. Inventory.


Manage drivers, trips and loads. Send rate sheets and invoices electronically. Factor loads immediately.


Looking for a low cost solution for Operations? We have the solution. Our program provides onboard vessel events, customer contract management, invoicing, movement orders, traffic, and more!


Advertise in multiple industries at the most critical time in the sales process.

Smart. Innovative. Different.

Why work with us


Designed to know what you need, when you need it. Making it very simple to use.


Our pricing is scaled to make it affordable for everyone.


FREE support. If you have a question or need a change, we want to hear from you.


We want to see you become more efficient and reliable so you can achieve your goals. If you succeed, we succeed.

Experience the difference. Other companies will tell you what they can do. We will show you.



  • Let us help with generating maintenance programs, regulatory issues, manuals, data entry, implementations and reliability.


  • If you ever have any questions about the program or think there is a way to improve functionality, we want to hear from you.


  • We provide web training free of charge to our customers. We can train your employees anytime, anywhere.

Data Entry

  • We will work with you to enter historical data, manuals, requirements, drawings, etc.

Knowledge is power.

Using our preventative maintenance program you will be able to track and monitor trends which will serve as a basis for supplementing or modifying your maintenance program. The information is available at your fingertips with worldwide access 24/7. This is functionality like you have never seen before.

Who we are?

Sinex Solutions was founded in 2004 with a mission to help companies improve productivity and safety through maintenance processes. Today we are a growing, strong, profitable company with highly skilled and knowledgeable employees who are strategically placed to help our customers achieve their goals.

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